Omekia Wilkes
NCSCOS: Compentency Goal:3
Objective: 3.01


Kim Edwards
5th Grade
Competency Goal 2: Measurement-The learner will recognize and use standard units of metric and customary measurement.
Objective 2.01: Estimate the measure of an object in one system given the measure of that object in another system.


Cheryl Bitting - Third Grade Science - Competency Goal 4: The learner will conduct investigations and use appropriate technology to build an understanding of the form and function of the skeletal and muscle systems of the human body.(Objectives: 4.01, 4.02, 4.03)

Jenny Dameron0 second grade geography
5.01 Define geography and use geographic terms to describe landforms, bodies of water, weather, and climate.

Cally Stanford 4th grade Math, EOG practice, NCSCOS Goal 1
Emily Ray 4th grade Science; Animal Classifications; NCSCOS Competency Goal 1; Objectives 1.01

Hillary Avery- Interactive PPT; Math

Angie Rash - Kindergarten Math NCSCOC Learning Competency Goal 3:01: Identify, build, draw, and name triangles, rectangles, and circles; identify, build, and name spheres and cubes.

Jennifer Aleksa First Grade Competncy Goal 3: Basic Gemetic Shapes

McKenzie Hussey Interactive Powerpoint: Kindergarten Language Arts

Courtney Allen-Interactive Power Point-Geography Jumble for 2nd Grade


Stephanie Irizarry- Interactive math game for 3rd grade

Tammie Green - Interactive social studies for 5th grade.

Jennifer Novatt - Interactive Powerpoint - Kindergarten Science.

Jordan Mrozek -- 4th grade -- NC History

Rachelle Ryan- Interactive Powerpoint- Review on Parts of Speech: 4th Grade

Lauren Knox- Interactive Powerpoint: 4th grade social studies- NC geography

Melissa Cahoon- Interactive Powerpoint: Kindergarden Math: A counting exercise

Beth Wise - Interactive Powerpoint 2nd Grade Math - current NCSCOS Compentency Goal 1 Objective 1.01, new NCSCOS Compentency Goal 2 Objective 2.02 as stated in ppt

Bettie Rabb--Interactive Powerpoint, Multiplication (6 times table), NCSCOS Mathematics Competency Goal 1, Objective 1.03, "Develop fluency with multiplication from 1x1 to 12x12 and division up to two-digit by one-digit numbers using: Strategies for multiplying and dividing numbers"

Regina McKearney-Interactive Powerpoint, 1st grade, Phonics, NCSCOS Language Arts Competency Goal 1, Objective 1.01: Develop phonemic awareness and demonstrate knowledge of alphabetic principle.

Laura Thompson - 2nd Grade Language Arts NCSCOS Competency Goals: Competency Goal 1: The learner will develop and apply enabling strategies and skills to read and write. 1.01 Use phonics knowledge and structural analysis (e.g., knowledge of syllables, suffixes, prefixes, root words) to decode regular multi-syllable words when reading text.

Mindy Remington - 1st Grade Mathematics: Geometric Shapes. NCSCOS Mathematics Competency Goal 3: Geometry - The learner will identify, describe, draw, and build basic geometric figures, Objective 3.01: Identify, build, draw and name parallelograms, squares, trapezoids, and hexagons. Objective 3.02: Identify, build, and name cylinders, cones, and rectangular prisms.

Dana Sullivan - 3rd Grade Mathematics: Multiplication with 8's: NCSCOS Mathematics Competency Goal 1, Objective 1.03, Develop fluency with mutiplication from 1x1 to 12x12 and division up to two-digit by one-digit numbers. Let’s Multiply !.ppt

Makayla Dixon- Kindergarten Mathematics:NCSCOC Learning Competency Goal 3 Objective 3.01 : Identify, build, draw, and name triangles, rectangles, and circles; identify, build, and name spheres and cubes.

Robyn Mauldin-McLeod
Occupational Course of Study: Life Skills Science (9th grade) Goal: The learner will obtain the skills needed to exhibit skills associated with providing simple first aid and obtaining medical treatment when needed Objective 2.06

Kim Channin-Karvelas - Grade 4 Mathematics: NCSCOS Competency Goal 1: The learner will read, write, , and compute with non-negative rational numbers. Objective 1.03.

Terri Kallal- Grade 1 Language Arts: NCSCOS Competency Goal 5: The learner will apply grammar and language conventions to communicate effectively. Objectives: 5.01 Use phonic knowledge and basic patterns (e.g., an, ee, ake) to spell correctly three-and four-letter words. 5.05 Use basic capitalization and punctuation.

Leilani Ostiguy: Science, Grade 3. Flowering Plants. Parts and functions. Goal 1 The learner will conduct investigations and build an understanding of plant growth and adaptions. (1.03/1.06)

Brooke Sykes- Objective 1.03: Observe behaviors of several common

Laurel Plesniarski
Interactive PowerPoint Assignment Poetry Quiz Goal and Objective for English Language Arts – Grade 3
Goal 2 – The learner will apply strategies and skills to comprehend text that is read, heard, and viewed.
Objective 2.03 – Read a variety of texts, including: Poetry

2.0331 – Read and Understand Poetry

Krystina Adams
Grade 2
~Competency Goal 3: The learner will observe and conduct investigations to build an understanding of changes in properties.
~Objective 3.01 Identify three states of matter:

  • Solid.
  • Liquid.
  • Gas